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Naples Concrete Surfacing

We can transform cracked, discolored & unsightly concrete into a new & beautiful surface Old concrete can look ugly – marred by stains, cracks, spalling and other surface deterioration. This kind of wear and tear can occur just about anywhere – in driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool surrounds and slab floors. Fortunately, there’s a way to give new life to old, deteriorated concrete, with resurfacing services from Greencoat Solutions.

We are Naples’ experienced concrete repair and resurfacing specialists.

Give us a call or contact us online for an appointment and quote today! We offer free design consultation & estimates for all resurfacing work.

Resurfacing saves time & money.

Not too long ago, worn concrete had to be demolished and replaced by entirely new concrete construction. Some contractors still recommend this costly, destructive and disruptive approach. But Greencoat Solutions technicians are trained to resurface old concrete that is structurally sound, instead of totally replacing it whenever possible. We can use a wide range of innovative products and techniques to give your old, worn concrete a dramatic makeover.

Resurfacing eliminates the noise, mess and heavy equipment required for concrete demolition. It keeps most of your existing concrete in place, providing a base for the new concrete surface we create. 

Choose from an exciting array of resurfacing options

With expert resurfacing services from Greencoat Solutions, you can do much more than duplicate concrete’s original appearance. This is a great opportunity to upgrade the appearance of your concrete. We can create different colored effects with tinting and staining treatments. We can also use  techniques to simulate other masonry surfaces like flagstones, cobblestones and brick pavers. Different surface textures and sealant treatments are also possible.  

Services Offered
Diamond Grinding
Shot Blasting
Coating Removal
VCT Removal
Crack & Joint Repair
Moisture Control Installation
Epoxy & Urethane Systems
Decorative Color Flake Systems
Decorative Quartz Systems
Acid & Water Based Stains
Concrete Overlays
Concrete Polishing

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